Sunday, 2 April 2017

Conservation News: North Island Seychelles

Earth Hour: Going Dark to Shine a Light on Conservation

On the 25th of March, WWF's Earth Hour rolled out across the world; from big bustling cities to secluded private islands, over 3000 locations in 187 countries across seven continents went dark to shine a light on climate change. North Island switched off the lights on a clear sky, full of stars, and our guests were invited to a candlelit dinner on the beach in front of the Piazza. Bonfires, tiki torches, lanterns and tealight candles set the scene for a magical evening in recognition of conservation. 

The day was also spent discussing North Island's Noah’s Ark programme with enthusiastic guests and staff alike. They were most interested to hear how the Island has been rehabilitated over the decades to a place where indigenous fauna and flora can flourish once more. Guests were riveted by stories from the island's in-house environmentalists about the re-introduction of the Giant Aldabra tortoise, the eradication of rats and other invasive species, the successful introduction of the Seychelles White-Eye, the monitoring and protection of endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles, and many more.

North Island’s conservation efforts were acknowledged recently when the Island won the prestigious National Geographic World Legacy Awards in the category of Conserving the Natural World. Announced at a ceremony at ITB Berlin in March, this honour recognises North Island as a leader in sustainable tourism for 2017, highlighting our support for the conservation of nature, restoring natural habitats and protecting rare and endangered species. Click here to read more about this.

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