Sunday, 9 April 2017

Hotel Updates: Acajou Beach Resort

Swimming pool at Acajou Beach Resort goes chlorine-free 

The Acajou Beach Resort on the Seychelles island of Praslin has introduced a new chlorine-free water treatment for its swimming pool, in a further bid to reduce the hotel’s environmental impact.

The “Nu Pure” water treatment by Pace Seychelles is an aqueous solution, containing a balance of ionised minerals, that destroys algae and bacteria in pool water.

According to Acajou Beach Resort General Manager Joanise Doway, the new treatment is expected to reduce both the hotel’s chemical footprint as well as the managerial workload the pool normally represents. 

“Treatment frequencies with Nu Pure are carried out far less often than chlorine and lessens the burden on our staff,” Ms Doway said, “and taking chlorine out of the equation from our pool operation has been high on our environmental agenda.”

The Nu Pure solution also brings other benefits, according to Pace, which assists hotels with energy and environmental solutions across the Indian Ocean region and South Africa. Apart from being odourless and tasteless, the water treatment reduces the runtime and maintenance of pumps and motors, saving energy as well as reducing chemical usage.

“So far, the results have been terrific and we’ve received positive feedback about the water clarity and comfort of the pool,” Ms Doway said. “But we’re equally excited about the long-term ramifications for our operations and environmental standards.”

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