Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Hotel Updates: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Foumba Together: Couples Rejuvenate at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles in New Exclusive Yoga Experience

Surrounded by the warmth and greenery of nature, the ruins of an old Creole house, known as Foumba, welcome the first rays of sunlight each morning in Petite Anse bay - a venue where guests of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles will now have the opportunity to discover a new wellness experience.

Located in the gardens behind the poolside restaurant of Kannel, Foumba provides a unique insight into the historical past of Mahé, with its partially disintegrated stone walls marking the periphery of the property, while from the entrance, steps invite visiting guests to descend into what is now an internal garden surrounded by stone.

Foumba Together is an experience that has been designed to allow bonding and reflection for couples, beginning with a 60 minute private yoga and meditation class and followed by a secluded breakfast that includes locally grown fresh fruits, homemade yoghurt and a tropical detox juice.

Verena Lasvigne-Fox, Senior Spa Director at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles comments: "Our Resort welcomes so many couples seeking the opportunity to not only spend quality time together, but also to unwind and recharge in the exotic paradise of Seychelles. We offer an extensive yoga program for all levels, yet with us having access to such a unique location that exudes so much character and history, we saw the chance to develop an experience that links finding tranquillity for the body and mind with a nutritious and elongated breakfast experience, set in the serenity of Foumba."

"In our day to day lives, breakfast is often a rushed affair, with people hurrying off to their daily routines," continues Lasvigne-Fox. "Following a guided yoga and meditation class with one of our expert yogis, we aim to help couples find their centre and to achieve a sense of calm in which to then share a relaxed morning meal, while appreciating the unique nature of this historical venue."

The Foumba Together experience is available on an on-request basis at the luxury Seychelles resort, requiring a minimum  of 24 hours' notice, starting at 7:30 am.

Contact your Masons Travel Representative  for rates and packages. 

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