Friday, 18 August 2017

Fishing in Seychelles

Record-Breaking Seychelles Catch Puts Fishing World on Notice

The rich fishing grounds of Seychelles are known for a plentiful variety of big game, but the recent catch of a black marlin tipping the scales at 400kg proves that it’s a place to land the sport’s biggest prizes as well.

Raed Hassan, an experienced Angler from the United Arab Emirates, reeled in the record-breaking fish over a four-hour fight aboard A1 Fishing’s Alati.

Skippered by Perry Rosalie along with crewmates Mangi Katana and Tabu Karissa, the Alati trolled along the “drop-off,” the edge of the continental shelf on which the Seychelles archipelago lies, when the marlin struck.

Mr Hassan, who has fished for big game off Australia, the Maldives and Malaysia, and has fishing championships in Dubai and Oman to his name, was elated by the catch.

“It’s the fish of a lifetime,” Mr Hassan was quoted as saying in a report from the local TODAY in Seychelles newspaper. “I realised we had a big one with the first strike; it took a lot of line, more than half the reel. However, the size of it came home after a few jumps, after I had fought it for an hour. It was huge. It looked like a grander.”

The previous record for a black marlin in Seychelles was 298kg, held by Harry Savy since 2008. The new record, however, shows that granders can indeed be caught in Seychelles, according to the owner of the Alati, Michael Mason.

“I am happy and proud for the crew, they are amongst the world’s best,” Mr Mason said. “This really puts Seychelles on the map.”

Seychelles has a reputation for one of the best “mixed bag” fishing experiences on earth, with the drop-off’s 2,000m plunge of the ocean bed creating a dynamic environment for both big game trolling and bottom-fishing experiences.

“When I looked at the Fishfinder and the chart floater structures and the floor, I could see it has so much depth, so many levels and colours,” Mr Hassan said. “I knew then Seychelles was special, not just for marlin but for other species.”

A1 Fishing operates both the Alati, a 45-foot Cabo Express, as well as Special K, a 32-foot Cabo Express, with which they offer half-day and full-day fishing trips as well as custom charters and overnight fishing excursions.

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