Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tourism Updates: Buses in Seychelles

SPTC Reaffirms Baggage Policy on All Seychelles' Public Buses

The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation is enforcing its regulations with regards  to luggage on board its public buses on Mahé Island and Praslin Island. 

According to regulation, "Luggage and over-sized bags are not allowed on any SPTC buses as our buses are not fitted with luggage compartments."

A recently release communique from SPTC reaffirms this regulation and warns that they will be strictly enforcing this on all their public buses.

The communique states that the decision is due to the fact that the SPTC buses are not big enough to accommodate luggage and over-sized bags. It does however continue to say that tourists are indeed welcome ton board all SPTC buses for their day-to-day travelling whilst visiting Seychelles.  

For more information, and bus schedules, visit their website:

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