Saturday, 30 September 2017

Hotel Updates: Alphonse Island

Welcome to Your Ultimate DIVING Experience

Alphonse Island has been the only Outer Island of the Seychelles to offer diving in recent years and is the sole resort where you can fully experience the sheer abundance and massive size of fish in comparison to the Inner Islands.

This is due to the atoll' isolation and subsequent lower fishing pressure. Here you can relish the exclusivity of being the only divers in the ocean surrounding the entire Alphonse Group with few other boats around.

The coral reefs have also shown a greater resilience to climate variations than in the granitic Inner Islands and therefore the coralline plateaus are densely covered in hard coral and thick forests of gorgonian sea fans. Stunning black coral and sea whips are commonplace on the walls.  

Alphonse Island runs a full setup service. This is perfect for the leisure guest that just wants to do a few dives throughout the week, as all they have to do is make the booking. All the equipment will be set up ready for you to go diving and then will be taken care of after the dive. This means that you can dive whilst maximizing time for relaxation.

With over 40km of forereef to cover you may find that you cannot fit all of the atoll's 30 dive sites in within your stay but the island's dive team will ensure that you get to see the varied composition of reef type including deep drop-offs, shallow plateaus, patch reefs, mini-walls, overhangs, flat bottom reefs and special structures including pinnacles and raised reefs.

You may earn full SCUBA dive training with Alphonse Island Dive Centre under the world's leading training agency, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Alphonse Island's instructors are dedicated to making your SCUBA course in paradise fun and unforgettable. 

The topography of the reef gives a depth range that is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers alike making it a great destination to learn to dive. 

As with fun diving, all equipment is provided in your course. You may choose to learn digitally using PADI e-learning before the holiday so that you can spend more time in the water once here. Otherwise books will be given to you once you get to the island. 

Contact your Masons Travel Representative  for rates and packages.