Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Hotel Updates: Bird Island

Bird Island Features on Travel and Lifestyle Blog, 'Magic Beans and Happiness'

The article, entitled # the treasures of the Indian Ocean : Bird island @Seychelles is written by Laetitia Genet, an international model based in Paris. Ms Genet shares her experience of Bird Island, focusing on the natural beauty of the island and placing emphasis on the relaxed nature of the lodge. Bird Island had been on Ms Genet's bucket list for years and visiting was the opportunity of a lifetime for her. Below is an extract from her article:

"This experience was even more amazing to me since I've been dreaming of this island for many years.. but still, I'm being quite objective when I say this place met all my expectations. I warmly recommend this mesmerizing paradise where wildlife is going peacefully along with humans which is quite uncommon nowadays. How wonderful it was to live in this small chalet in the jungle with no one there but the birds, the tortoises, the ocean and my sweetheart. Such a romantic place..."

"Bird island is truly the ideal place for those who love being close to nature. This timeless getaway not only allows us to reconnect with Mother Nature but it also helps us to let go of our everyday worries to focus again on the essential and on ourselves.. all of this while staying in a postal card setting, far away from the world. All we need is here and I guess this is the real luxury in life, " the article continues.

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