Thursday, 9 November 2017

Mason's Travel News: Festival Kreol

Celebrating Festival Kreol, Mason’s Travel Style

Seychellois always take pride in their Creole identity, but the annual Festival Kreol in October provides Mason’s Travel and its employees an opportunity to celebrate the islands’ unique culture together with the rest of the nation.

The week-long celebrations shine a light on Seychelles’ cuisine, dance, art and other traditions, and as the leading destination expert, Mason’s Travel embraces every opportunity to “live the Seychelles experience” and revel in Creole culture.

During  the week, some extra time was set aside for staff to enjoy afternoon tea with cakes and biscuits, a tradition linked to the islands’ colonial past.

That led up to a special Friday office lunch for the entire team, in which employees had the chance to bring in their favourite Creole dishes, resulting in a lavish buffet that included octopus curry, mango salad, grilled fish and ladob, a traditional dessert of cassava, plantains and breadfruit cooked in sweetened coconut milk.

Mason’s Travel also organised a special Creole Festival sunset cruise with live traditional music, Creole dishes and awards presented to the best sega dancers and best-dressed in traditional island wear.

Seychelles’ short but colourful history, dating back to its first settlements in the 1700s, combines European, African and Asian influences across every aspect of its culture, and Mason’s Travel is proud to promote this oft-overlooked facet of our wonderful destination.

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