Friday, 22 December 2017

Mason's Travel News: Corporate Social Responsibility

Perseverance pays off for Bertrand Vidot 

Bertrand Vidot always dreamed about playing football, but to do that he’d first need to be able to walk under his own power.

Thanks to the dedication of his mother, a local fundraiser, and several partners who have been able to help him with his condition, he’s now getting closer to that dream.

Bertrand, who was born with a club foot and up until recently required crutches to move under his own power, walked unassisted into the Mason’s Travel offices yesterday to visit the staff.

Now 13 years old, Bertrand has undergone two surgeries in Chennai, India. 

His mother first approached Mason’s in 2014, and after reviewing his case, the company provided US $1,000 in travel costs for his first treatment. Later, Mason’s Travel offered to match any personal donations that its staff made to the cause, which totalled SCR 88,000 and US $800 after doubling up the funds.

“Most of our corporate social responsibility projects go toward tourism sustainability and the environment,” Mason’s PR, Branding and Communications Manager Nicole St Ange said. “However, being in the hospitality business, generosity is one of our core values, and this was one instance where our staff knew they had an opportunity to help an aspiring young man.”

Following publicity surrounding Mason’s sponsorship in the local press, additional donors also stepped forward to contribute toward his treatment. The ongoing relationship has led many Mason’s staff to take a personal interest in Bertrand’s growth and improved mobility.

He and his family were given complimentary Reef Safari excursion tickets during the visit, as Bertrand enjoys spending time in the water where he has an easier time moving around. Nonetheless, kicking a football around may yet still be possible with future treatments. 

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