Friday, 15 December 2017

Seychelles Tourism News

Seychelles Explores Energy Efficiency in the Tourism Sector with the Help of Experts from the Dutch Caribbean Island of Aruba

Seychelles is hosting a training workshop on sustainable tourism, with a particular focus on energy efficiency.

The two and a half day workshop hosted by the Tourism Department was officially opened on Wednesday December 13, 2017, at the Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel at Beau Vallon.

Two experts from the Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research (TNO) – Juan Avellaner and Alba Camacho -- are facilitating the workshop.

TNO has partnered with UNDP’s Aruba Centre of Excellence for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) as part of a project that aims to provide technical support for sustainable development among SIDS. The UNDP’s Aruba Centre of Excellence for Small Island Developing States was established in 2016, with the financial support of the Dutch government.

Seychelles is among seven countries -- including Belize, Antigua, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Vanuatu and Samoa -- chosen out of 25 countries that participated in a workshop organised in Aruba last year, as part of this initiative.

All seven countries are benefitting from technical expertise and experience in sustainable development, while each country is placing emphasis on a particular issue, ranging from energy efficiency for the tourism sector, waste and water management, among others.
“The selection was done per region and we believe Seychelles is a good representative of the region. The idea is that the knowledge being created here can be shared with other islands in the region,” said Ms Camacho.

Aside of facilitating the workshop, the two experts have met with local stakeholders and have also been introduced to some of the initiatives geared towards sustainable tourism, including the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label (SSTL) certification for hotels.
Both Ms Camacho and Mr Avellaner have described the SSTL certification as a very good tool to encourage hotels to move towards a more sustainable approach.

The workshop will end on Friday with the presentation of findings and the way forward, as the aim of the project spearheaded by the UNDP’s Aruba Centre of Excellence for Small Island Developing States, is to create roadmaps for SIDS and to develop a virtual platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

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