Friday, 26 January 2018

Hotel Updates: Indian Ocean Lodge

A Lodge that Packs Indian Ocean Flavour into Every Bite

With the new resorts that have sprung up on Praslin in the past decade, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in world-class culinary experiences.

But for residents – and tourists who do a little homework – there’s one place that fits comfortably on the restaurant spectrum right where it’s always been.

A long-time fixture in the quaint coastal village of Grand Anse, Praslin, the Indian Ocean Lodge has earned an impressive following amongst locals for its authentic Creole fare.

With the average tourist becoming ever more adventurous to sample new flavours and ingredients, that reputation has translated into this 32-room hotel taking on a kind of stewardship role for Creole cuisine.

While its Creole buffet nights on Saturdays tend to make a splash with Seychellois and foreign guests alike, Chef Finette Didon’s creations truly shine in the a la carte menu, where local ingredients take precedence to give diners a window into Creole culture and cuisine.

“We might present the cuisine in the restaurant with a more refined style, especially for our a la carte evenings,” Mr Richard Simon, General Manager said, “but the flavour profile is always going to target the local favourites that give our tourists a proper introduction to Creole food.”

A combination of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as live music on most nights by local bands, help to throw out the stereotype of a packaged hotel dinner experience that could be enjoyed anywhere.

The hotel also holds to other disciplines to ensure its guests always get a truly distinct experience in tune with the islands’ location.

“We don’t use packet juice – that’s one of our rules for breakfast,” Simon said. “It’s got to be freshly pressed, and that means tourists are able to taste some of our local fresh fruits that they may not enjoy anywhere else.”

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