Thursday, 5 April 2018

Airline Updates: Zil Air

Zil Air Orders New  Tecnam P2012 'Traveller' Aircraft

Zil Air has announced an order for a Tecnam P2012 Traveller aircraft.

The arrival into service of the next-generation 11 seat P2012 Traveller has been highly anticipated by many air passenger operators, who have been demanding a replacement for the many hundreds of ‘heritage’ aeroplanes in the FAR23/CS23 category, which are currently in service around the world.

“The Tecnam P2012 Traveller is the perfect aeroplane to help our business grow and enables us to meet the Seychelles’ tourism sector’s demand for affordable and reliable air access,” said Francis W. Savy, Zil Air’s Executive Director.

In the spirit of sharing destination Seychelles’ uniqueness to guests, we shall be registering the aircraft as S7-ADM, (short for ADAM) joining its ‘sister’ aircraft, the P68 Vulcan Air registered as S7-EVE; telling not only the story of the Vallee de Mai renowned as being the true Garden of Eden but as much the love & passion for what we do at Zil Air.

Zil Air is expected to take delivery of its first P2012 in July 2019, and will launch commercial operations later in the same year. Together with Tecnam, Zil Air will, in the following year, consider extending its purchase to a second P2012 aircraft in its quest to ensure reliable and sustained services to the many they serve.

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