Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Hotel Updates: Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island Turns Back the Clock with Creole Nights of Centuries Past 

A new experiential evening on Denis Private Island aims to recreate Seychelles’ colonial past, replete with traditional food and dancing.

The construction of a new beachside pergola that’s creatively referred to as “The Boat Shed” – not to be mistaken for having any maritime use whatsoever – has furnished an “on-location” dining and recreational area for its guests on Friday evenings to enjoy a window into local culture.

It’s a change of pace that whisks guests away from the uniquely shaped concourse area that’s the centrepiece of so many aerial photos of Denis – and where most of the island’s highly regarded cuisine is served – and across the star-lit grass runway for a different kind of gastronomic feast underneath the pergola and on the beach.

Apart from classic Creole island fare such as grilled red snapper, octopus curry in coconut milk, suckling pig and local fruit chutneys, most of which comes from the island farm just steps away, the evening also features live entertainment and a bonfire on the beach, as was the custom of the descendants of African slaves that comprise much of Seychelles’ current population.

“The newly introduced Creole night has been a hit so far, worthy of several mentions on Trip Advisor already,” Denis Private Island PR, Branding and Communications Manager Nicole St Ange said. “The island itself, being so remote and without any kind of traditional human development, has allowed us to recreate a one-of-a-kind ambience right out of the archipelago’s history books.”

The culinary experiences on Denis Private Island are among the highlights of the hotel’s offerings, with its farm-to-table concept catering for all the kitchen’s poultry and pork, fresh milk and yoghurt, fruits and vegetables, in addition to freshly caught fish right off the island.

The new Creole nights on Fridays, however, appear to have added yet another feather to Denis’ epicurean cap. 

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