Sunday, 27 May 2018

Hotel Updates: North Island Seychelles

The Last Straw: North Island Ban's Plastic Straws

It's a scary thought that every piece of plastic ever produced still exists. Billions of plastic straws are created every day, only to be used for mere minutes before being thrown away, potentially polluting our precious oceans forever.

North Island's commitment to conservation and the environment is not only represented in the rehabilitation of the forests or the protection of endangered species, but also includes looking into our own operations and searching for ways to reduce our footprint on nature. 

As a result, North Island has banned plastic straws from the island and uses only 100% biodegradable straws and food containers for activities.

Eliminating these items takes us one step closer to becoming a plastic-free island and is the latest enhancement to our marine conservation efforts, which were recently recognised at the African Responsible Tourism Awards with a gold award in the category "Best for Aquatic Species & Habitat Conservation". North Island strives to provide a leading example of sustainable luxury tourism in Seychelles and by removing plastic straws from the island aims to break the cycle of plastic waste getting into our oceans.

We ask everyone reading this to rethink, reuse, and recycle. A small change can make a big combined difference. Join us and thousands around the world as we #refusethestraw.

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