Friday, 22 June 2018

Seychelles in the Spotlight

Indian Designer Duo Come Back to the Islands to Shoot New Seychelles Inspired Collection 

After drawing inspiration for their latest resort and destination wedding wear collection from a visit to the Seychelles islands, Indian designers, Shivan and Narresh, were back recently to conduct a photo shoot of the new collection.

They were joined by a crew of Indian celebrities including make-up artist - Savleen Manchanda, stylist - Mohit Rai, photographer - Taras Taraporvala, as well as videographers - Elvis and Sonal D’Silva.

The shooting at the same locations, which served as inspiration behind the colour scheme and design pattern of the clothing line, also featured two models from India and two from the Coral Models Seychelles agency, to add other elements of the Creole heritage.

The collection was shot at stunning locations including at Beau Vallon, and MAIA resort on Mahè, Anse Source dÁrgent on La Digue and Enchanted Island Resort on Round Island. Other partners including Le Relax Luxury Apartment and Le Relax Beach House on La Digue and Savoy and Coral Strand on Mahe supported the team to carry out the shoot to perfection.

It was in January this year that the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) office in India facilitated the visit of designers Shivan and Narresh to Seychelles. The innovative move to have a brand association with the designer duo is part of the strategy to further promote the Seychelles islands in India.

Pioneers in luxury resort wear the designers’ zest to travel has majorly contributed to their designs and unique creations. They were conquered by the destination’s beauty and natural charm, to give life to their collection themed the EdoMer series, which was showcased at the Amazon Fashion week, in New Delhi, in March.

The Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis, met with the designers and their crew while they were doing the photo shoot in Seychelles.

“The collaboration between a destination and fashion designers is an innovative and refreshing concept that gives birth to a long term conversation about the destination among the right set of audience.  Shivan and Narresh have created a great collection of resort wear and destination wedding wear and I am thrilled with this partnership between two brands which complement each other perfectly,” said Mrs Francis.

The images of the photo shoot done in Seychelles will be used as promotional material for the collection when it is launched in theflagship designers’ store in India. The behind the scenes and highlights of the shoot will also be promoted by the designers through various magazines and online platforms.

Shivan and Narresh believe that a strong mix of social media and travel is completely reinventing the 600-billion-dollar fashion industry in India, and plan to have annual inspiration trips, to merge fashion with elements from exotic locations such as the Seychelles islands.

“The Seychelles’ talcum-powder beaches, lapped by azure waters and lush foliage, along with its luscious fruits and flowers, are a major influence for the latest EdoMer Series. The collection comprises of five exclusive prints: La Digue, Praslin, Eden, Eden Noir and Soursop, all drawing inspiration from the true Eden of the world, Seychelles, transforming it into a traveller’s delight,” said Shivan and Narresh.

“At Shivan & Narresh, we are constantly looking for ways of getting inspired and aim to cater to the evolving taste of the new-age luxury traveller. With travel being the essence of our holiday brand, our trip to Seychelles immersed us in the beauty of the African tropics and helped us create a decadent design canvas for its related sartorial aesthetic,” they added.

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