Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Mason's Travel News: Meet the Team

Meet the Team - Isabelle

Here at Mason’s Travel we believe that our staff is what makes our company so unique and what has kept us growing since 1972. Not only have they got an outstanding experience in the industry, but also charming personalities and great stories to tell. So keep an eye on our blog because we will be introducing the heart and soul behind Mason’s Travel - our team. Let us start with one of our youngest tour guides called Isabelle.

You can find her guiding excursions all over Seychelles in French and English. She’s a very enthusiastic and warm person, so if you’re looking for a fun guide to talk and joke, she’s your person. 

How it started

Ever since graduating the Seychelles Tourism Academy her goal was to work with Mason’s Travel. Unfortunately, there were no full-time positions available at that time, so she took many different jobs within the industry and worked part-time with Mason’s Travel since 2007, until she finally secured a full-time position with the company in 2013.

When we asked Isabelle why she was so passionate about working with Mason’s Travel, her answer was “I love how organized the company is, but mostly it has felt like a family since the day I walked in. The daily operations at Mason’s Travel is very orderly, which makes my job a lot smoother and makes it easier to cope with difficult situations such as bad weather. Not to mention the friendly and welcoming team that I enjoy working with”. 
Perks of being a tour guide

We were curious to know more about the entertaining side of the job and Isabelle explained that the highlight of her role is simply having fun with the guests whilst on tour, “Some people have lots of questions and like to joke around, this just makes my day!”. Isabelle also mentioned that she gets excited to work with the French market, because they are really interactive and even love to sing on bus and boat journeys. As part of Mason’s Travel continual improvement objectives, Isabelle attends regular training sessions and reads many books regarding Seychelles history to make sure she is always on top of the game.  

Favourite things about Seychelles

When we asked what was her favourite excursion and a “must-visit” in Seychelles without a doubt she answered, “My favourite excursion is the Island Combo to Praslin and La Digue, because it’s adventurous and Vallée de Mai is my favourite place in the Seychelles. I think that the place itself and the story behind the Coco de Mer is just captivating”.

Interesting facts: Isabelle’s favourite beach is Anse Lazio on Praslin and her favourite traditional dish is octopus curry.

If you’re visiting Seychelles, don’t forget to “Live the Seychelles experience” and explore. We hope that you’ll get to meet Isabelle on one of our tours!