Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Mason's Travel News: Exceeding Beyond Expected

Mason’s Travel Exceeding beyond Expected

Here at Mason’s Travel we believe that the employees are what make the company special and the customers are what keep us growing and make everything what we do matter. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving positive feedback and knowing that we were able to go beyond the expected. We’re excited to share the letter that we received from Andrew Kennedy, one of our customers back in October.   

Dear Alan, Michael, Lenny and Germain,

I insisted that Neal provide me with your email details so that I could advise you of the fantastic customer service he has provided.

This service was evident from the first time we met Neal at the Constance Ephelia in October but it has been on-going long after we left the island.

Neal was excellent with the arrangements he made for us whilst on holiday and he ensured each time that we were well looked after.

I would like to say, that all of your staff that we came in to contact with, were extremely helpful and friendly.

However, Neal has gone well beyond what I expected.

A long story, short - as my daughters 14th birthday was whilst we were in the Seychelles, the hotel very kindly gave us a baseball cap and polo shirt with the hotel’s name on it.  She was thrilled but she was particularly pleased with the cap which she wore for most of the holiday.  On the flight back to the UK via Dubai she lost the cap.  She was really upset.

The cap was never found at the airport so I then set about trying to get another one from the hotel.  They very kindly said they would give us another one but there seemed to be a major issue with getting it sent from the hotel, so I contacted Neal as I still had his contact details and he set about helping me get this sorted.

It was not straight forward, as he had to liaise with DHL in the Seychelles, the hotel and myself.

It has taken nearly three months to get this sorted and at any time Neal could have easily said it was getting too complicated and decide to do no more but he was clearly determined to help as he realised how important it was for my daughter.

The baseball cap arrived back in the UK on Friday and my daughter was absolutely thrilled, surprised and delighted.

Neal really deserves the recognition for going far beyond what is expected to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

We hope to be able to experience the Mason’s Travel customer service again on a return trip to the Seychelles sometime in the future.

I have attached a photo of my very pleased daughter (Rosie-May) in her cap, in the snow which we had this week.

Best wishes
Andrew Kennedy