Sunday, 28 April 2019

Hotel Updates: Denis Private Island

All Clear for Dining


A starlight feast on the airstrip delights guests on Denis.

Hotel residents on Denis Private Island enjoyed a special surprise for April Fools’ Day, with a banquet-style buffet spread out on the island’s landing strip.

About 40 of the island’s guests were whisked through forest vegetation lined with torches, in a manoeuvre that was kept secret until their arrival at the runway.

There, the island staff prepared a barbecue featuring the island’s famed local produce, set up under the starlight for guests to unwind in a most unusual makeshift “restaurant.” 

Denis’ Resident Manager Werner du Preez indicated that the event went beyond all expectations.

“With the torches and the airstrip lights switched on, it was almost like entering the holy grounds of a tribal island colony,” du Preez said. “The look of disbelief in the eyes of our guests told us that this was a really unique experience that would form a life-long memory.” 

Guests were also treated to welcome cocktails made from local rum, while a live saxophone performance added to the ambiance on the landing strip.

Denis Private Island PR, Branding and Communication Manager Nicole St Ange added: “This is one of those special events that so few tourism properties apart from Denis would have the ability to offer. The presence of our guests on the island contributes to our drive for sustainability and conservation, and in exchange this type of experience provides a clear reminder that the island is exclusively theirs to be a part of and enjoy during their stay.”