Friday, 12 April 2019

Hotel Updates: Hilton Labriz

Hilton Labriz is the most popular property in Africa to say ‘I do’

The wedding day is one of the most important days in life. And the location is one of the most important parts of a wedding. Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa has just been elected the perfect place to make wedding dreams become true and won the Award for the ‘Best Destination Wedding Property 2019’ in Africa at the Destination Wedding Planners (DWP) Congress. 

The ’DWP’ Congress ia an exclusive conference that is focused on luxury destination weddings and took place at the supremely luxurious and iconic ‘Atlantis, The Palm Hotel’ in Dubai at the end of March. For Event and Celebration Manager Ms Serena Di Fiore who handles weddings at the three Hilton properties in the Seychelles, her own dream has become true by winning the prestigious prize. “The fact that so many people chose Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa as the best destination wedding property of the year, amongst so many other stunning properties within the region, feels like a dream! 

Doubtlessly this award will elevate our Resort to an even higher level and will give us the chance to be the scene of many more magic weddings in the future.”

Being the only hotel on Silhouette Island, Hilton Labriz has many romantic corners for couples to
celebrate their special day. The long sandy beach at the northern end of the property is one of the
most popular spots to say ‘I do’. The gigantic grey granite rocks deliver the perfect picture frame
while the shimmering blue oceans make a magical background. For those who plan on a proper
party the old plantation house is the venue to say the vows. Situated in an enchanting green
garden, Grann Kaz is today the hotel’s Creole restaurant and a museum where one can feel the
vibe of the olden days and the island’s history. With Mount Dauban rising behind the old building
and the Indian Ocean right at its doorsteps one couldn’t wish for a better location to celebrate an
authentic island wedding. 

Whatever wishes remain, Ms Di Fiore and the team of Hilton Labriz is there to fullfill them. From the flowers to the food - the professional planners on Silhouette Island take care of every couple and offer customized world class service. 

“We go the extra mile and seeing a couple cry of joy and being thanked for your hard work in their speech makes you feel like being more than “just” a Wedding planner.” The location might be the most important part of a wedding, but service is one of the most important parts of a hotel.