Thursday, 4 April 2019

Hotel Updates: Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Félicité Ranks Number Two Sustainable Destination in Africa

Green Destinations, unveils the winners of the top 100 Sustainable Top Destinations of the World Awards during ITB Berlin Leading Travel Trade Show

During ITB Berlin 2019, the island of Félicité was recognized as the second most sustainable destination in Africa in the Best of The Planet category by Green Destinations of the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations Award.

Green Destinations, a nonprofit foundation for sustainable tourism, organizes the award event to recognize innovation and sustainable operations in the industry, globally. For the second consecutive year, the winners were announced during ITB Berlin, the annual worldwide leading trade show.

Félicité Island is the fifth largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. Six Senses Zil Pasyon is run in close relation with the Seychelles National Park Authority, since Félicité Island is part of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) and two-thirds of the island consists of Ramos National Park.

Anna Zora, sustainability manager of Six Senses Zil Pasyon, said, “We are very proud that our small island paradise has been recognized for the commitment to sustainable development and conservation initiatives. Our key projects include island reforestation, turtle monitoring and coral restoration in addition to our zero waste and a series of important plastic-free initiatives. One project we take a lot of pride in, is the rehabilitation of the island’s habitat through the reintroduction of endemic and indigenous species and the protection of the coco de mer site, which is only found in the Seychelles. 

Last year, the critically-endangered Wright’s gardenia endemic to Seychelles bloomed for the first time on Félicité. This is one of the species noted in the extensive reforestation effort of which 12 are considered Vulnerable, four Endangered, and three Critically Endangered according to IUCN’s Red List of Endangered Species. Guests not only enjoy a tropical island stay with us, but they also share the responsibility to offset their carbon footprint.”

An international jury, with representatives of the tourism, ecotourism and conservation industry, reviews the submissions of The Sustainable Top 100 Destinations Award and pinpoint the destinations which pioneer responsible tourism in different parts of the world. 

General Manager Hilton Hastings says, “It is an incredible honor to be recognized worldwide for our environmental efforts, making us one of the top sustainable destinations of the world. The fact that a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean can make such an impact is amazing and it also comes with a lot of hard work from our team. I’m delighted that more and more guests are seeking destinations like ours and want to learn more about how they can implement similar practices when home.”

With guided snorkeling tours on the surrounding reefs and educational hikes that not only offer stunning views of the island, but insights on the local fauna and flora, guests of the resort can connect with the unique nature and scenery of the Seychelles.