Friday, 26 April 2019

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Mason's Travel Promotes Environmental Awareness

Mason’s Travel believes in being environmentally conscious. As a team, we make daily efforts to be more proactive in becoming an environmentally friendly organization. Paul McCartney said, “out of all those millions and millions of planets floating around there in space, this is our planet, this is our little one, so we just got to be aware of it and take care of it.” One of the biggest threats to the planet is destruction of habitat and loss of prized wildlife from pollution. There are many ways to show that you care about the environment. Recently some of our team showed how they could make a difference by participating in a beach clean up.  

This account from Mason’s Travel staff will give you some insight to their day:

Mason’s Travel once again participated in a beach cleaning activity which was held on the 13th April in collaboration with Double Tree by Hilton Allamanda Resort and Anse Forbans Chalet.

We joined forces with other partners, Air Seychelles and Marine Conservation Society, school children and members of the public to clean the beach of Anse Forbans. The team comprised of Stephanie Niepceron, Isabelle Antoine, Lindy Ally, Samantha Germaine, Lester Underwood, Nellea Anacoura, Sonia Isaac, Stefano Colombo and Melissa Valmont who are all very dedicated and down to earth staff that love adventure. It was a fun bonding time and we managed to collect 40kg of garbage!

After the clean up, the staff had a small picnic with Isabelles’ delicious signature Tuna sandwiches. We enjoyed snorkeling and swimming at the bay of Anse Forbans. Despite Samantha getting stung by a sea urchin, the team decided to make the day more memorable by going to the Rock Pool/ Ros Sodyer in the afternoon. It takes roughly 30 minutes to walk along the path and climb over the boulders to reach this unique natures' Jacuzzi and National Monument of Seychelles. A massive hole of sea water is kept overflowing by the waves that crash against the coast and spill into the hole as they withdraw back into the ocean. This Rock Pool is an amazing site at Takamaka! 

Here are some of the teams’ thoughts and motivation to participate in these activities;

Isabelle Antoine
It was a great day with great people. I am the adventurous type. When Isabelle says we are going, we are going.

Samantha Germaine
I personally had a great time; despite the sea urchin sting. The hiking to Ros Sodyer was amazing. I participate in these activities because I am passionate about nature and making a difference.

Nellea Anacoura
It felt so good; I had fun sitting and laughing with the others.  I learned a lot about the personalities of colleagues that we rarely see and speak to in the office.We are part of the tourism industry; tourism is also about the cleanliness of our environment - mainly our beaches and preserving the marine life. We care!

Lindy Ally
I am a team player. It was a wonderful team effort which we all enjoyed! We are so blessed with beautiful beaches and sites in the Seychelles.  We should explore and enjoy every minute.