Thursday, 2 May 2019

Hotel Updates: Hilton Labriz

Hilton Labriz re-opens local art gallery on Silhouette Island

On Friday, 19 April, Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Didier Dogley and General Manager of Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa André Borg opened the ‘Labriz Art Gallery’ on Silhouette Island. 
The ceremony was held on the hotel’s property and attended by hotel guests and local artists who feature at the exhibition. Project consultant Monsieur Richard Touboul coulnd’t attend the event, but played a big part setting up the exhibition and is responsible for the  creative concept. He was thanked by the General Manager during the speech. Another great supporter of the project and art ambassador of Hilton Labriz is the local artist Nigel Henri “I have been here for a year- and-a-half working around projects artistically. Hilton is the first five-star hotel that has approached local artists to combine culture and the artistic side.”

In 2017 the well known Seychellois artist had brought a group of talented local painters to the island to decorate the walls inside the building which became the biggest mural in the Seychelles. Now the artists have extended the painting which reflects Seychelles colorful nature and vibrant culture from the staircase into the gallery on the upper floor. The round wooden room is a “dedicated space to local artists to exhibit their work” Mr Borg explains in his opening speech and “since then, it has grown further, thanks to the dedication of Nigel Henri who has done a lot of work with us.” Not only has Henri successfully launched weekly painting sessions for guests, and arts and crafts courses for children, he also initiated traditional dancing classes lead by local full-time artist, Angelique Adrienne. “It’s a nice programme which takes place from Monday to Sunday. Every day there is something different to keep clients busy,” said Henri.
Besides showcasing pieces from different Seychellois artists which can also be purchased, the upper section also hosts an exhibition about the history of the Hilton. The hotel brand will celebrate its 100th anniversary on 31 May and the gallery displays an overview of the achievements and historical milestones the chain has celebrated over the last century. A new in-house theater, the “Conrad’s Cinema” shows a documentary about the hotel’s founder Conrad Hilton as well as family movies and environmental films throughout the day for everyone who is seeking some indoor relaxation or wants to learn more.
“It’s always good to be on Silhouette as it gives me time to relax and recharge my batteries. When we speak of tourism, we always speak of the nature of Seychelles, especially on Silhouette which is incredible.” Minister Dogley says. “Whether it’s architecture, food or art, you will find things of incredible interest. I am happy that Nigel is here and also Angelique. I am pleased that Hilton has given them the platform to showcase the work they have been doing and I hope others will join in future.”