Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Hotel Updates: Kempinski Seychelles Resort

Kempinski Seychelles Resort’s Food & Beverage Team Exposes Local Talent

A passion for food and beverage has always been at the forefront of the Kempinski brand, but in the second week of May the food and beverage team at Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare took centre stage on more than one occasion to shine a light on the development of local talent and creativity: 

Local chefs are TeleSesel’s “Chef du Jour”: 

Two Seychellois chefs were invited by local broadcasting company TeleSesel to star in two episodes of their acclaimed cooking show, Chef du Jour. The popular television show features top chefs from acrossthe Seychelles who show viewers how to prepare traditional Creole cuisine, with a modern twist. Chef Randolph Valmont and Chef Jude Agathine each spent a morning with the crew preparing their favourite Seychellois recipes alongside the show’s presenter, Myra Labiche. 

Nurturing local talent at STA: 

Last Thursday, a team of volunteers from Kempinski Seychelles Resort’s food and beverage department visited aspiring Seychellois hoteliers at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA). Executive Chef Hamzeh Abu El-Foul, together with his team, was invited by the academy to help students create a decadent three-course lunch, which was served to invited hoteliers, suppliers, members of the press and the Ministry for Tourism. 

The event was opened with an address by Mr Didier Dogley, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine, who thanked Kempinski Seychelles Resort for supporting the academy with such a creative initiative and urged other industry members to take inspiration from the collaboration between the hotel and the academy. 

Combatting food waste with creativity and the community: 

In a creative effort to divert food that is still fit for consumption from landfills, the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label (SSTL) introduced a Food Donation Fair at a local community centre in Roche Caiman. Businesses and hotels were invited to participate by donating food such as canned goods, bruised fruits and vegetables or breads and pastries from the previous day. Hotels got creative by using these as ingredients in juices and sauces or unique recipes, which were then donated to families and members of the public. Volunteers from Kempinski Seychelles Resort were invited to participate in the distribution of the food at the fair, and remarked on the joyful reception of these goods by those that attended. The fair was the first of its kind on Mahé, following the introduction of the concept on Praslin late last year. 

“Food brings people and cultures together,” said Kempinski Seychelles Resort’s general manager, Masami Egami, “which is clear to see from the way our food and beverage team has engaged with the community this week.” 

“A chef’s true purpose is to bring joy to the people he cooks for,” said Executive Chef Hamzeh Abu El-Foul, “so it has been very fulfilling for me and the team to bring so much joy to the members of our Seychelles community.” 

Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare continues to support local initiatives and projects wherever possible