Thursday, 4 July 2019

Industry News: Mason’s Travel awaits new addition to fleet

A New Flagship of Hospitality: Mason’s Travel awaits new addition to fleet

A new custom-built catamaran is slated to arrive in Seychelles this month, providing Mason’s Travel with a new platform for its excursions.

The 33.5-metre Le Cerf is named after one of the earlier vessels to form part of the fleet with Mason’s Travel, which began its excursions in 1972 with a reef safari to the Ste Anne Marine Park. While the new vessel bears little resemblance to its old namesake, the nature and spirit of the excursions remain very much the same, Mason’s Travel PR, Branding and Communication Manager Nicole St Ange said.

“Travellers to Seychelles are always astounded by the different perspective of the islands that can only be experienced from the sea,” St Ange said. “That same idea holds true 47 years later, and we’re delighted that Le Cerf will allow today’s holidaymakers that same special experience with an added level of comfort, service and convenience.”

Constructed by Two Oceans Manufacturing in Cape Town, South Africa, Le Cerf is currently sailing towards Seychelles with experienced seaman Harold Maillet accompanying the delivery crew. Maillet, who has been with Mason’s Travel for 36 years, also sailed the company’s catamaran Catalina from France to Seychelles in 2008.

Mason’s plans to use the vessel, with a capacity for 170 seated passengers or 240 standing, for a variety of its excursions, but the size of the vessel also offers new possibilities for groups and special events, especially as a dining platform at sea where guests can enjoy a meal with restaurant-style service.

With an upper and lower deck as well as a flybridge, the vessel can accommodate any number of different events and excursions at sea, with plenty of galley and storage space and flexible configurations that cater to formal dinner settings, casual cocktail parties and day trips alike.