Thursday, 1 August 2019

Conservetion News: Fregate Island Private

Marine Biodiversity Baseline Assessment Around Fregate Island Private


In May, our Conservation Team carried out a pilot study to find suitable survey sites for the upcoming marine life baselines assessment around Fregate Island Private.

Specialists from The Green Island’s Foundation and the University of Seychelles, joined the team for the surveys which involved diving twice a day and deploying Baited Remote Underwater vehicles (BRUVs). BRUVs are tripods with an underwater video camera attached to film species that visit a bait canister at the end of the tripod. In total 12 BRUVs were deployed during the week, resulting in 18 hours of footage to analyse.

On first look, parts of the reef have a high diversity of coral reef fish species like bannerfish, butterflyfish,angelfish and excitingly several shark species. During the dive surveys, the team concentrated on the diversity and health of the corals around the dive sites. With the survey sites now confirmed, in November 2019 the work begins with 3D mapping the sites with Bluenomads and, shortly followed by further BRUV and dive surveys. The aim of this SeyCCAT* funded assessment is to compare the marine life around Fregate Island Private with other islands in the Seychelles, with a view to apply for a marine protected area around the island protecting the coral reef for future generations.
*SeyCCAT envisions for Seychelles’ ocean and islands to be stewarded by the people of Seychelles, generating sustainable benefits for future generations to share. SeyCCAT strategically invests in ocean stakeholders to generate new learning, bold action and sustainable blue prosperity in Seychelles.

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