Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Hotel Updates: Denis Private Island

New developments on Denis Private Island promise enhanced guest experience

Denis Private Island has resumed welcoming guests to the hotel, with several exciting changes in store following its recent maintenance closure.

A newly renovated pool headlines the list of developments on the island, providing a welcome addition to the complement of guest facilities at the hotel.

“The calm and clear waters around Denis provide as close to a swimming pool environment that could be found anywhere in nature,” Denis Private Island Director Alan Mason said. “However, we understand that some enjoy the option of a pool as an alternative to the beach, so we’re delighted to once again offer this facility to our guests.”

In another development, there are plans for a new boat house and gym on the site of the family cottage, which has now been de-commissioned and no longer forms part of the hotel inventory. While there are eventual plans to develop a new family cottage on a new location, the islands’ other cottages and its beach villa are able to comfortably accommodate two adults and two children, providing suitable lodging for families across the hotel’s entire room stock.

The island’s efforts toward greater sustainability are also being bolstered, as progress continues onto the next phase of its photo-voltaic solar array – believed to be the country’s largest private renewable energy investment – which will continuously reduce and eventually eliminate the island’s reliance on diesel power.

Work is also progressing on a new dedicated conservation centre in partnership with the Green Islands Foundation, the NGO that guides many of the island’s sustainability initiatives, including habitat restoration, conservation of endangered species and other environment-related research programmes.

Meanwhile, the hotel is re-affirming that its evening dress code of long trousers for men, while not strictly enforced, is meant to enhance the guest experience by providing a distinct fine-dining atmosphere.

 “We’ve found that many of our guests appreciate the intimate setting of the restaurant after dusk and that the evening dress code adds to that ambience,” Mason said. “As we shift to a more refined concept for our dinner service, casual beachwear tends to intrude on that atmosphere.”

The June/July closure also provided the island’s management with an opportunity to review and attend to safety precautions.