Monday, 26 August 2019

Mason's Travel News

New cultural excursion brings tourists into real homes for authentic cuisine

A new excursion offered by Mason’s Travel will provide visitors with an in-depth cultural experience involving real homes and the Seychellois families that live there.

Combining common lifestyle traditions, like browsing the morning catch of local fishermen, with authentic Creole cooking techniques and ingredients, the Mason’s Back to Roots Excursion aims to give tourists an unfiltered view into the daily life of a local home and its residents, according to Mason’s PR, Branding and Communications Manager Nicole St Ange.

“With the continuing trend worldwide of tourists seeking more culturally enriching and localised experiences, this excursion will provide a new entry to the market, and we’re proud to be able to help offer such a unique product together with our local partners,” St Ange said.

Mason’s is working with local vendors to provide a pool of home ‘venues’ that have been pre-assessed for hygiene and other standards.

The all-day excursion starts with an early visit to the Victoria market to browse fresh fruits, vegetables and fish followed by a scenic drive providing an opportunity to select fresh catches from a village fishermen’s market, for the Creole lunch that will be prepared later that morning.

The group then continues on through local neighbourhoods to the selected home, where guests may opt to help with the preparation of the meal. Grilling breadfruit on an open fire, grating coconut, or wrapping fish parcels in banana leaves are among a range of activities in which clients can participate.

“The lunch may vary from home to home, but will always include some of Creole cooking’s signature dishes, such as grilled fish, coconut curries, and chutneys and salads made from local produce,” St Ange said.

After lunch, guests can try their hand at kapatya (the art of weaving coconut leaves into hats, baskets and other items), as well as taste kalou (fermented palm sap), before departing for their respective hotels.

“We believe our clients will appreciate an excursion about simple, old-fashioned Seychellois hospitality, that is not just for show or part of a scripted performance,” St Ange said. “The host family will be able to welcome visitors with their own brand of hospitality in their own home, and connecting people to places and those that live there is what tourism should be about.”