Friday, 4 October 2019

Conservation News

CaranaBeach clean up efforts target litter at Northeast Point

Staff from the CaranaBeach Hotel took to the beaches and roads of north-eastern Mahé last Friday to do their bit for the Clean Up the World Campaign.

Combing the beaches for litter along Northeast Point, a stretch of white-sand with CaranaBeach at its northern-most end, yielded 15 bags of rubbish in an activity carried out in partnership with the Green Islands Foundation (GIF), a local environmental and conservation NGO.

Although Seychelles has a well-earned reputation for its environmental track record and pristine beaches, the islands are not immune to the build-up of plastic waste that are increasingly invading the world’s oceans. 

Since the opening of CaranaBeach in 2016, one of its core commitments has been the principle of sustainability, according to CaranaBeach General Manager Cyrille Carofano. 

“We have pledged to ensure this through our day to day operational practices and services, the sourcing of local ingredients, our support for conservation in Seychelles and embarking on new partnerships,” Carofano said.

In collaboration with GIF, CaranaBeach has identified a range of areas to reduce the footprint of its environmental impact through its Sustainability and Action Plan for 2019-2021. The plan considers not only conservation and management of water, waste and energy, but also human and cultural elements toward creating a more beneficial environment for its staff and surrounding community, not to mention awareness and education of visiting guests.

“Doing our part for internationally recognised events like World Clean Up Day during the campaign helps our staff make the connection that what we do here matters, even if we are an isolated island, because we can see clearly that the actions of rest of the world does impact us,” Carofano said.

About CaranaBeach: The CaranaBeach Hotel, with its 40 villas suspended along a steep hillside overlooking one of Seychelles’ most dramatically picturesque beaches, offers a unique category of boutique accommodation. A family-owned establishment on Mahé’s tranquil northeast coast, CaranaBeach is a reflection of the raw, unprocessed character of Seychelles, with modern twists on traditional colonial architecture, contemporary ocean-themed décor and a home-grown culture of genuine Seychellois hospitality.