Friday, 5 February 2021

Mason's Travel News

Mason's Travel Invests in Green Cleaning Technology

Mason’s Travel has been a driving force behind Seychelles’ tourism industry for almost five decades. Never one to shy away from embracing innovation, Seychelles' leading DMC has evolved with international travel standards to maintain its market position and fulfil its promise of offering world-class services and an authentic Seychelles experience to clients from around the world.

As a family-run business, the safety and well-being of guests and employees has always been a top priority for Mason's Travel - no more so than in today's COVID 19 era. With teams operating on the front lines of the tourism industry, the tour operator's commitment to creating safe and sanitary environments in which staff can interact with guests, is at the forefront of all business decisions.

Mason's Travel recently became the first DMC in Seychelles to invest in a new method of sanitizing their extensive fleet of vehicles, by introducing the use of a FOGAIR device - a disinfectant nebulizer. This improved "fogging" method of sanitization releases a disinfectant solution in a fine mist, which coats all vehicle surfaces evenly and effectively.

The mist-solution, which is both non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, remains activated for over 18 hours and is able to coat surfaces not easily accessed with traditional cleaning methods. The disinfectant vapour can also be circulated through the vehicle's ventilation system, ensuring that even filters and air-ducts are thoroughly sterilized.

The solution is a product developed in Canada, where trials demonstrated proven-effectiveness in the elimination of 99.999% of all viruses and funguses, in just 30 seconds. Unlike traditional sanitizers, the solution is not wiped off after application and remains active on vehicle surfaces, preventing contact-spread of viruses like COVID 19.

For all it's effectiveness, the solution is surprisingly gentle and is non-hazardous to plant and animal life. It has no special disposal requirements, is non-staining and non-corrosive. It is appropriate for use on fabrics and coming into contact with clothing, or for application directly onto vehicle switches and electronics. Mason's Travel is so confident in the gentleness of the solution that it is even applied it to the electric control panels in their luxury vehicles, like the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

By adopting this new method of sanitization, alongside previous methods, Mason's Travel's clients are assured of a safe and comfortable travel experience. The method is applied to all vehicles used for transfers, excursions and private tours, and can even be applied to guests' luggage, as the solution has no strong chemical odors and there is no risk of clothing or luggage being stained or damaged by the disinfectant. Mason's Travel's drivers, guides, ground handlers and maintenance teams also benefit from the reduced risk of cross contamination from commonly-touched surfaces.

Mason's Travel continues to practice preventative measures in line with the recommendations of the Public Health Authority, and their teams are fully prepared - and eagerly excited - to welcome clients to Seychelles.

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